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[[LIACs 2006 Scenarios]]<br>
[[LIACs 2006 Scenarios]]<br>
[[UvA 2006 Part Time MBA Scenarios]]
[[UvA 2006 Part Time MBA Scenarios]]
[[HSE 2005 EMBA - Seoul Korea]]

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Scenarios.jpg On this page you will find many different examples of scenarios. The right place as well to leave the scenarios that you want others to kwow about.

Links to scenarios on the internet can be found and left at the 'Scenario processes' section of the Scenario Thinking Portal.

Upcoming Scenarios
coming soon.

Student Scenarios

Since 1996 post graduate MBA students have published scenarios on the future of the information society online as part of Daniel Erasmus's class on scenario thinking at the various business schools in the world. These more than 60 scenarios sets of which a selection is listed below and form a unique record of thinking of how the perceptions of the information society evolved from a new technology, boom and bust. Many of the predictions, controversial at their time, have proven to be accurate in retrospect.
At moments that Daniel Erasmus is teaching a class on scenario thinking, you will also find scenarios in process of construction on this site.

If you have been involved in some of the processes, please add to this page to reflect on how thinking in scenarios aided your decisionmaking since developing the scenarios.

Student scenarios in process

In this section you will find the scenarios where this year students are working on now. Please don't edit if you are not on the project. But you are more than welcome to comment on them!

LIACs 2006 Scenarios
UvA 2006 Part Time MBA Scenarios HSE 2005 EMBA - Seoul Korea

Student scenarios from previous years

Here the finished student scenarios from 1996 onward can be found, divided by content categories. The same scenarios can be found divided by the years in which they were made in Student Scenarios by Year. If you add a scenario please add it in both sections

Information Society
The Future of WiFi 2010 (2005)
The Future of GRID computing 2015 (2005)
Internet in 2015 (2004)
The Information Society 2005 (1998)
Ideas 2020 (1997)
Relationships 2020 (1997)
Crime 2015 (1997)
Distance Education 2011 (1996)

Internet Commerce
The Future of the Internet in China 2015 (2005)
The Future of Broadband 2010 (2004)
The Future of Offshore ICT Outsourcing 2015 (2004)
Internet Banking (2002)
Free Internet Service Provision 2003 (1996)
Electronic Cash 2006 (1996)

Future of Mobile Business Devices in 2012 (2005)
The Future Role of a Mobile Operator 2010 (2004)
Telecommunications 2015 (1997)
Telcoms 2003 (1996)

Geographic region
Future of Seoul in 2015 (2005)
Future of China in 2020 (2005)

Work and Organization
The future of communication in 2015(2005)
Branding 2005 (1999)
Organizations 2020 (1997)
Workspace 2010 (1997)
Electronic Cash (1996)
Interpersonal Communication

Future of Television in 2012 (2005)
The Future of Console Based Games 2010 (2005)
Television in 2010 (2000)
Broadcast Media in 2007 (1997)
Delivery of Entertainment 2006 (1996)

Health and Pharma
The Future of Hospitals in the Netherlands in 2015(2005)
The Future of Biotechnology for Medical Applications in 2015(2005)
The Future of the Pharmaseutical Industry 2020 (2004)
The future of Pharmaceuticals 2020 (2004)
The Future of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies 2015 (2004)
The Future of Healthcare in The Netherlands 2015 (2004)
The Future of HIV in South Africa 2014 (2004)
The Future of the Health Insurance Industry in 2010 (2004)
Genetic Revolution (2002)
Health in 2010 (1996)

Childhood Freedom in 2020 (2000)

Industry Sectors
The Future of Software Development 2010 (2005)
The Future of the Automotive Industry 2015 (2004)
The Future of Consumer Electronics 2015 (2004)
The Future of Container Transport in Europe 2020 (2004)
The Future of Banking 2015 (2004)
The Future of the Fertilizers Industry 2020 (2004)
The Future of the Heavy Building Industry 2020 (2004)
Leisure 2010 (1999)
Food Retailing 2006 (1996)

The future of the global economy in 2020 (2005)
The Future of the Global Village in 2020 (2004)

The future of the Lowlands in 2025(2005)
Scenarios and Strategies for an Extended Producer Responsibility System

Future of food storage in 2015(2005)
The Future of Individual Mobility in 2020(2005)
Futures Studies using Morphological Analysis. For the UN University Millennium Project.