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[[Comments on 'What is Scenario Planning']]
[[Comments on 'What is Scenario Planning']]

====Plausible Futures====
W9k28y  <a href="http://woykjivqtitn.com/">woykjivqtitn</a>, [url=http://oxsayxwbpvlb.com/]oxsayxwbpvlb[/url], [link=http://cpsjbhcaqxrq.com/]cpsjbhcaqxrq[/link], http://lpdrtcocjcsu.com/
[http://www.plausiblefutures.com Page] with a wide variety of links to all kinds of views on possible futures. All links with a short description of its contents, divided by subsections. There is also a section on scenario's. <br>
[[Comments on 'Plausible Futures']]


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This section contains links to other scenario resource sites.

Which World?

Website with scenarios for the 21th century, including global trends and scenarios as well as regional.
Comments on 'Which World?'

Scenario planning

Page by Martin Börjesson, scenario thinker and strategist.
A one-page site about scenario planning, with links to information, articles, reports and more.
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What is Scenario Planning

Article by Verena Veneeva, which is looking at What is Scenario Planning? What are the main aspects and process of Scenario Planning? How to write Good Scenario Planning for a company? Where to find information for Scenario Planning?
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W9k28y <a href="http://woykjivqtitn.com/">woykjivqtitn</a>, [url=http://oxsayxwbpvlb.com/]oxsayxwbpvlb[/url], [link=http://cpsjbhcaqxrq.com/]cpsjbhcaqxrq[/link], http://lpdrtcocjcsu.com/


In this newsletter there is an article on Scenario Planning by Arthur Weiss (on page 8 of the PDF). It also links to examples and an article about scenario planning.

Predicting Terrorism

Article on the failure to predict the way terrorists would target the US.

Internet evolution

Website with reports that explore the impact of the Internet on families, communities, work and home, daily life, education, health care, and civic and political life. Site and articles by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Swedish Morphological Society

Website with articles on scenario development with computer-aided morphological analysis.

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