Potato Eaters

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Action list

Dicky: Wiki pagedone
Tim: Send CD with graphics,sound to Dicky, or attach zip to this page.done
Tim: Construct movie with lamp light. Moving up/down/left/rigth slowly.done
Daniel/Tim: Add changes to wiki regarding interaction rules, chosen effects etc..done
Dicky: Skeletondone
Rabiaa: Add sound interaction.done
All: Review version1 done
Tim: Mail through text positionsdone
Dicky: Incorporate feedbackpending
Melanie: Add English texts (new page?) Edit texts down to shorter versions

Schedule table

Museum presenation 9 or 10 November!

    6-Oct 7-Oct 8-Oct 9-Oct 10-Oct
    Initial meeting       (dicky) wiki setup
11-Oct 12-Oct 13-Oct 14-Oct 15-Oct 16-Oct 17-Oct
(tim) send gfx CD
(tim) start making interaction rules
18-Oct 19-Oct 20-Oct 21-Oct 22-Oct 23-Oct 24-Oct
25-Oct 26-Oct 27-Oct 28-Oct 29-Oct 30-Oct 31-Oct
            (dicky) skeleton
1-Nov 2-Nov 3-Nov 4-Nov 5-Nov 6-Nov 7-Nov
            first testing demo

Process and Resources

Original storyboard

Van Gogh's texts

Download graphics via new pages in heading table

Photo reports meeting 2 november

Sounds Ground layer - can be looped -> create atmosphere
Action layer - results of specific actions
Melody layer - works certain themes return
Potato Eaters Sounds
Sound Uploads

Potato Eater Sequence

1: Intro 2: trace the lines 3: light the lamp 4: 5th person 5: place the hands 6: rub through 7: portraits
Movies: intro_moeder.swf trailing_light_2.swf lightningeff.swf simonsays.swf
effects Slow fade effects trace lines effect
light trail effect
build up images scene 2 above interaction field
letters text shading in
play with three lighting effects
starlight (through window)/candlelight(in middle group people/oil lamp light (from position oillamp in later morphs)
object is to play with intensity of each light source until optimum is found
follow the sounds effect
letterstext shading in
build hands visual effect
move hand sketch effect
disolve hand sketch into painting effect
build up images scene 6 above interaction field
letters text shading in
Effects not yet fully crystalised Effects not yet fully crystalised
Portrait dissolve effect??
Portrait choose effect??
letters text shading in
graphics Title graphics
van gogh logo
oil lamp movie
sampled cursor
morph (pic201-210)
Placeholer candle
placeholder stars
placeholder oillamp
morph (pic301-310) placeholder stars painting
placehoder candle painting
placeholder oillamp painting
morph (pic401-410)
heads identified in detail from morph visuals
morph (pic501-510)
Inset details of hands choose three to correspond with hand in morph
morph (pic601-610) morph (pic701-710)
Portrait visuals
story bord reference              
interaction rules no interaction user has to make every invisible light dot visible to complete scene
scene auto completes after period of inactivity
(3 little pieces wobbly, 1 success point, lightness is calculated from movement, crossfading between icon, darkness triggers morph, lightning movie from beam to broad light) SOUND: 1 basis sound, 1 action sound happens on first click, user plays with slider bars to alter light intensity
scene auto completes after period of inactivity
(mimic sound melody, first you hear melody, and see visual indication , mimic it. morphs indepently of actions, simon says like)
scene auto completes after period of inactivity
user discovers place for hand sketches, drags elastic objects to morphing picture (some wrong, some good)
scene auto completes after period of inactivity
divide painting into several areas, every little area can be rubbed through
scene auto completes after period of inactivity
all pictures are on a sphere user grabs one and drags it into place, 1 success placement
short description Slow the user down into 1885
Slow fades between title pages in order
slow fade into movie oil lamp
movie oil lamp fades into cursor flame
Discover the lines of the sketch and how they change with our actions
with small cursor as lamp,
follow the trail to discover more
reward is text and sound with succesful completion of scene
with small cursor as lamp,
play with three lighting effects to discover dramatic oil lamp lighting
play a musical game by following an ever longer sequence of notes, lighting up one head on the basic morph. then follow this with the cursor
surprise effect is to introduce fifth character
to place hands in morph and drop into place when found reward is text and sound discover the colour in the painting by rubbing through with oil lamp cursor effect rewarded by text build-up Using colour images of porttraits watch them disolve into the painting when you place them, and be rewarded with finale of music and text. Follow with a send this page to your friend and or sign up page.