Personal Rapid Transit” (PRT) and “Cybernetics Transportation System” (CTS)

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“Personal Rapid Transit” (PRT) consists of small and very light 2 or 3 passenger vehicles running on elevated guideways under computer control. The vehicles are electric but have no batteries as they take power from electric contacts in the guideway.

“Cybernetics Transportation System” (CTS) composed of road vehicles with fully automated driving capabilities are one possibility. A fleet of such vehicles would form a transportation system for passengers or goods on a network of roads with on-demand and door-to-door capability. Cars would be under control of a central management system in order to meet particular demands in a particular environment. It’s both cost effective and environment protective. The size of the vehicle could vary from 1 to 20 seats. CTS offer the advantage of being able to run on normal road infrastructure. This makes them cheaper and more flexible.


1.To reduce CO2 emissions and have a greener city, people will like to implement this system.
2.Government want to solve the traffic jam problem.
3.There is no enough space in the city. They can gain more space by applying the system since it does not need parking lots. Also, 0.02% of land use compared to 30% for the automobile. One post every 30 meter compared to the space taken up by 2 asphalt lanes.


1.The routing and mechanical technology is not advanced enough.
2.New Safety problems show up with this system.
3.Objection by oil and automobile companies.
4.People think it is too costly to substitute current workable transportation system.



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