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Although the development is in the first stage and it doesn't match with one of the most fundamental rules in physics the technology for free energy is in the stage of research by the scientific community. The name of the technology is Orbo If the statement made by Steorn is true this will change the world as we know and with it the way we handle the different kinds of media, and not only books, will change drastically. The way we see a book now can be completely different in about 10 or 15 years if this technology is proven to be true. In science it is often know that every 100 years a fundamental principle will change. Because of research and other new developments. This could be one of those major changes.


  • Technology of free energy is proven and will be developed further by the scientific community and commercial companies.
  • Rising prices of oil due to war in Iraq and the Arab world ask for a new form of energy.
  • The rising question for energy in general due to the more and more usage of computers and mobile devices has to come from somewhere.


  • The technology created by Steorn, is proven to be untrue and therefor is not available.
  • Due to the big interests in energy industry the new form of creating energy is not implemented.
  • The technology is working and true but is not accepted by the scientific community and therefor not used.



Experts on this field and the main source for this driving force is the website of Steorn


  • August 2006: Challenge to scientific world.
  • 1st Qrt. 2007: Technology is presented.
  • End 2007: Validation by the scientific world is completed.
  • 2008: The technology is under further development by commercial companies.
  • 2013: Governments are starting to participate into the technology development.
  • 2017: First free energy products come onto the market.

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