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Welcome to, the open community on scenario thinking and scenario planning where you can publish scenarios, reflect on the planning processes and share online resources about scenario planning in a democratic and inclusive manner. is currently sponsored by the Digital Thinking Network (DTN), which since 1996 has been active in field of scenario planning and publishing scenarios online to grow the public discourse in the scenario thinking space. The philosophy is that we all benefit by sharing our scenario planning knowledge about this unique 30-year old process.

Agenda on coming events that are related to scenario thinking and planning.

Whatisscenarios-s.jpg What is Scenario Thinking? This is the page to find out about what scenario thinking or scenario planning actually is, or to tell others about it through documents, presentations, articles and more...
Scenarios-s.jpg Scenario Thinking in Practice is a page for examples of scenario planning practices from both professionals and students with business study background. This is a good way to learn from each other through peer evaluation.
Portal-s.jpg Scenario Thinking Portal This is the page where you can share and access the best resources from the cyberspace on scenario planning and many other related interesting subjects. Don't hesitate to share your favorite URL's with us!
Strategy-s.jpg From Scenarios to Strategy explores the possibilities of transforming scenario planning into strategic action. How can scenario planning be used for formulating the strategies of different organizations or even for the development of society at large?
Drivingforces-s.jpg Driving Forces is a database that offers us quick insight into important developments in almost every aspect of society. At the moment it contains already more than two hundred driving forces.
Innovation-s.jpg Innovations is a place to go a little bit deeper into the subject of scenario planning. Here we exchange new ideas and share our thoughts about the way innovative scenario planning can benefit us.
About-s.jpg About explains what the idea of this site is and why it is a useful tool for everyone working in the field of scenario planning. With reference to how to use this scenaro thinking site too.
Interview-s.jpg Interviews This is a page for interviews on scenario thinking and other scenario planning processes for the future. In here video, audio and text interviews can be found and left.