Interview questions

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Starting Questions

1) What keeps you awake at night?
2) What do you think are the key uncertainities?
3) What is your dream?
4) What do you think drives the changes in consulting companies today?

House of Performance related questions

1) How do you differentiate your firm from other consulting firms and clients?
2) What is the recent successful project and failure? What caused the differences?
3) How do you maintain delivery quality?

Changes within Consulting Industry

1) Do you foresee any change in traditional organization structure of consulting firms? (Hierarchical/Flat/Hexagonal)
2) Do you foresee any change in pricing model? (Value based pricing as against hour based pricing)
3) Do you foresee an emergence of Credit rating agency for consulting firms? (Similar to what we have for banking industry Moody's)
4) Any change in the business model with more young population?
5) Do you foresee a consolidation trend in consulting industry?
6) What is the future of consulting? What areas? (More specifically, where do you see consulting by 2020 and what trends? In which industry do you see the most growth potential by 2020? Why?
7)Can it be like construction industry? One main big one stop shop developer get order and maintain all relationships with the client and outsorce specialized areas for small consulting companies who are experts in specific areas.
8) What is the future of outsourcing for consulting companies, if any?

ICT in consulting

1) What is the role of ICT in the future of consulting?
2) Based on ICT changes, do you foresee any standardization happening in consulting industry?

Emerging markets

1) Development of different markets for consultancy?
2) Development of big consulting companies which are non-US and non-European?