Host to the 2008 Olympic Games Beijing,china

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The Olympic Games are celebrated around the world as a big sports gala with great significance of maintaining peace, enhancing friendship and promoting civilization.
China, one of the most influential countries in the world, is willing to do its best to promote the Olympic sport.
It is the aspiration of both Beijing residents and the Chinese people to share the Olympic spirit,take part in Olympic
affairs and host the Olympic Games.


1)Beijing has the infrastructure and facilities for hosting the Olympiad. The city has modernized infrastructures of telecommunications, transport, accommodation and other services.
2)It also has advanced sports venues. Among the existing 5,000 stadiums in Beijing, eight are able to accommodate 5,000 spectators each, and another 15 can hold 2,000 each. The city is now building a number of state-of-the-art sports venues.


1)China's poor human rights record.
2)the absolute poor have concentrated around in Beijing
3)As industry rapidly expands, the city faces a growing problem with pollution Pollution is not Beijing's only problem.
The city's streets are clogged with an ever-growing numbers of cars.On the western edge of the city stands one of
the worst culprits, the massive Capital Iron and Steel complex, whose smelters belch vast quantities of pollution into
the air every day.


The journey begins here. It is a journey toward unbounded opportunities, toward the most dynamic economy and most promising marketplace in the world. Chinese people will have to get confidence because the Olympic Games provide an honorable opportunity to enhance their image and demonstrate their strengths in key technologies, products and services while gaining recognition for their commitment to China's national quest for professional excellence in all realms of business.



The 2008 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing.

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