High Speed Train Network (HSL)

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HSL is a abbreviation for High Speed Lane. This is a high speed rail network which will connect the Dutch railnetwork to the European high speed railnetwork. The network connects Amsterdam, Schiphol, Rotterdam, The Hague, Antwerp, Brussels and Paris. Trains with a maximum speed of 300 km/h will bring passengers from Amsterdam to Paris in 3 hours. With a connection to the European trainnetwork in place, this will also reduce travel time to other European cities.

The HSL aims to enable economical opportunities for the Netherlands and the 'Randstad' in particular. The Netherlands aims to improve their international competitive position. With the HSL in place, (international) companies will be attracted to settle new businesses in the Randstad.



  • Destroying of the natural environment
  • High costs leads to diverse public opinion (the project is initiated by the government, so the tax payer pays)



The expected date for the delivery of the railnetwork is by the end of 2006. The introduction is expected to take place in April 2007.

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