Future of the Global Village: Research Questions

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1.How many television sets in the world?
2.What's the percentage of households with at least one TV?
3.What's the distribution of television sets in the whole world?
4.The average number of TVs per home.
5.The number of hours that people watch television.
6.The spending per person per year for TV.
7.Amount spent on television advertising.
8. Waht's the revenue and operating income of broadcast television?
9. Waht's the revenue and operating income of cable and satellite television?
10.Details about television audiences.
11. What's the trend of TV?
12. How does technoloyg affect transportation and communication which are important factors for international trade?
13. How many people nowadays use internet?
14. How long does it take to spread technology?
15. What happened to global airtransportation from 1950 to 1998?
16. How many users use telephone?
17. How many users use cellular phone?
18. What's the technical support of TV?
19. What's the political support of TV?
20. What's the economical support of TV?


1.What’s the population of the world?
2.How many people use internet around the world nowadays? What’s the percentage of internet user to world population?
3.What’s the population of each continent?
4.How many people use internet in each continent? What’s the relative percentage of internet user to population?
5.How many languages exist in the world?
6.How many languages exist in the communication of internet?
7.What are the top 10 languages? What’s the percentage of each language to the total user?
8.The number of hours that people use Internet.
9. The spending per person for Internet.
10. What’s the trend of number of internet users in the recent 5 years?
11.What's the technical support of Internet?
12. What's the political support of Internet?
13. HWhat's the economical support of Internet?
14. What's the trend of Internet?
15. What’s the trade amount on the internet?
16. How many people have the experience of trading from the internet? What’s the percentage to the total Internet users?

Social & Culture

What is culture?
What is local culture?
What is global culture?
How local and global culture relate and interact?
How media change culture?
What is globalization and how globalization affect culture?
Why national government protect local culture and how?
Who support the formation of global culture?
What is democratic globalization?
What happened to the international arrivals from 1950 to 1999?
How does McDonalds affect the world?


1.What are the functions of important international finance instituitions?
2.What are the important regional organizations and treaties playing indispensable roles in world today?
3.What is the growth of international trade?
4.The death of oil economy.


1.How about the oil consumption today?
2.Oil reserves were exaggerated.
3.Who has the oil (top 20 nations)?
4.Who makes and uses the oil(top 20 nations)?
5.Oil price indexes from 1970 to 2003.
6.The exports and imports of oil.
7.Will the weather become more and more warm that the glacier will melt and cover most mainlands?
8.Will the earthquake, tsunami or volcano such kind of natual disasters become the drives of a big global migration?


1.New world order.
2.What is anti-globalization?
3.What is international law?
4.What is global politics?

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