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Fahad Nayyar<br>
Fahad Nayyar<br>
Louis Tzeng<br>
Louis Tzeng<br>
==presentation feedback ==
Good start to the emotions, but a little long
Change the term emotional value to ability of city d'tre to evoke positive emotional responses ( but shorter)
You are explaining the scenarios rather than TELLING a story, the audience gets lost-
Gets better when it is read, but it Is still not a story
Liked the bring in of mass migration- good to connect city centers to context of climate change ( something most people will not have thought of before)
Governments default on loans - explain the effects better than stock markets will crash ---
Too early to build inthe end of oil supremacy - 2010-2015 should be later
Where is the pain that leads to the restarting of the economy
Like the link to cradle to cradle - think through he implications better
Nor plusable that 40% of energy can be from fossil fuels???
Natural disasters happen all over not just in one scenario


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