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Problem owner: [http://www.linkedin.com/ppl/webprofile?vmi=&id=1006520&pvs=pp&authToken=Q3QD&authType=name&locale=en_US&trk=ppro_viewmore&lnk=vw_pprofile Bernard de Groot], CIO [http://www.sanoma-uitgevers.nl/nl-web-Home.php Sanoma] Learning & Literature <br>
Problem owner: [http://www.linkedin.com/ppl/webprofile?vmi=&id=1006520&pvs=pp&authToken=Q3QD&authType=name&locale=en_US&trk=ppro_viewmore&lnk=vw_pprofile Bernard de Groot], CIO [http://www.sanoma-uitgevers.nl/nl-web-Home.php Sanoma] Learning & Literature <br>
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Bernard is also on [[http://twitter.com/batdegroot Twitter]] <br>

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Problem owner: Bernard de Groot, CIO Sanoma Learning & Literature
Bernard is also on [Twitter]


Team Members

Chun Seok Chang
Spyridoula Drakopoulou
Margo Martinez
Ines Ranguelova
Neels Steyn

Presentation Feedback

Like the newspaper - indicate clearer that it progresses in time
Good scenario questions - congrats !
Missmatch between monitoring and teacher as facilitator - can't have both
What is the problem with the Internet in education
Virtual learning pic is of an old style classroom
Have more aspects of the difficulty of changing, always harder and motet difficult than people
What is the ideal class size in a virtual class



In this scenario set we explore the future of tablet technology in education. Neither the desktop PC nor the laptop managed to revolutionize the education system, in spite of the enormous potential it holds. The excitement around tablet computers appears to be different though. We explore whether the penetration of tablets in the educational system will differ from that achieved by previous computing technologies? We also explore what form or manner this could possibly hold. In addition we broadened our research to explore whether technology, in general, will revolutionize the whole learning process? Our research focused mainly on the EU region and refers both to primary and secondary education.

Focal Issue

What is the future of tablet technology in the classroom of 2025?

Scenario Tree


Scenario Stories

Tablet Evolution

School as Usual
Another brick in the wall
Tailored Learning, Tailored Life
Teacher, Leave Those Kids Alone

Interview Questions

Interview Questions explored with Bernard de Groot during an interview on 17 August 2010

Research Questions

Educational Systems around the world
Which are the main transformations that the educational system has gone through so far?
What is the total government spending for education? How much does it vary in the developing and developed world?
Which is the cost structure of schools?
What are the current technological trends in the educational system?
Demographic trends
What is the level of autonomy granted to schools/ What is the role of local ministries of education?
Is there any flexibility in the way the curriculum is structured and taught (alternative teaching methods)?
International initiatives for improvement of education

- What are the different types of tablets on the market, price and volume?
- What are the various features/functions currently found on tablets available in the market?
- How long does it take for a technological innovation to increase its penetration rate?
- May the success of Apple affect the future of tablets and their popularity?
- PCs and laptops at schools. How have the penetration rates evolved through time?
- What are the benefits from using tablets, as opposed to laptops/PC's?
- Schools that currently make use of tablet computing and for which subjects/classes/purposes?
- Which is the receptivity of teachers and students concerning technology innovations and involvement of technology in the class?
- Obstacles in adopting tablets

Publishing Companies
Which are the main publishing companies worldwide?
How much power do these companies exercise compared to the other parties involved in the supply chain?
What is the current status of e-books and e-learning?

Corporate role in Education
What is the involvement of corporations in the educational system currently?
Are there any partnership/ sponsorship between schools/universities and companies?

Systems Diagrams

Driving Forces

1. Technological babysitting in Child Care

2. E-Books Usage

3. Decrease of Students' Engagement

4. Increasing Rate of Technological Change

5. Increasing Rate of Learning

6. Increasing Online Collaboration

7. Tailored and Alternative Learning Systems

8. Performance Measurement via Technology

9. Telecommunication technology

10. Education cost

11. Impact of the European sovereign debt crisis on education spending

12. Global Warming Threats

13. Decrease in competitiveness of EU

14. Increased number of teachers at retirement age