Future of Mobility in Netherlands 2030

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Driving Forces:

1. Shift to Alternative Energy Sources

2. Aging population

3. Aging Europe

4. Pay-as-you-drive

5. The increasing effect of the development of technology on the global economy

6. Oil price

7. Reducing IT-infrastructure cost

8. Urbanization and Social Status

9. Increasing Mobility

10. Dynamic Mobile Workspace

11. Virtual Integration

12. fuel consumption

13. Global Warming

14. Increasing Efficiency in Energy Use

15. Improvement in transportation through inventions

16. Societal costs of traffic (especially accessibility and travel time loss )

17. Impact of the traffic jams and delays on transports of goods (50% of all goods are transported by road)

18. Government’s investment in infrastructure such as improving public transport, limiting of city centres

19. Environmental awareness in the general population

Research Questions


Useful Links:








http://www.rijksoverheid.nl/documenten-en-publicaties/rapporten/2010/03/29/verklaring-mobiliteit-en-bereikbaarheid-1985-2008-ontwikkeling-en-verklaring-van-de-mobiliteit-en-bereikbaarheid.html http://www.wcit2010.org/tracks/Mobility



Useful videos:



Interview Questions:


1) With regards to mobility what is the key question for NL?

2) Does government have any plans to increase use of public transport and are there any long term projects currently underway or being considered that will affect the mobility?

3) Apart from the public transport is there any new technology for the roads – such as sensors to control traffic on highways and has it been tried out ?

4) In the past have climate change regulations affected the government decisions and resulted in regulations specifically for NL, and are there any new regulations being considered?


1.What is the problem you want to solve/ where are you dreaming of?

2.What is the current impact of the glass fiber network in Amsterdam?

3.How can ICT solutions like glass fiber network influence the mobility in the Netherlands?

4.At the end does people not just people would like to meet in real life instead virtual? As you can’t sent and detect moods/emotions through the internet?

5.What are your solutions for the future of mobility in the Netherlands 2030?

6.What are your solutions for solving the traffic jams in the Netherlands?

7.What do you think is the impact of the aging populations on the mobility in the Netherlands?


1. What are the current problems with mobility in Netherlands?

2. What is the government's plan to tackle these problems?

3. What are the trends among Dutch people in terms of traveling across the country?

4. What are the trends among businesses in Netherlands in terms of moving the goods across the country?

5. What are the uncertainties in mobility in Netherlands?


1. Even though road use for business is increasing, why is there no corresponding increase in productivity?

2. What are your views on the concept of Superbus?

3. Are there any identified areas where public money can be spent instead of road development to increase productivity?

4. In your opinion, how can road use for business work can be reduced? What are the major components of road use for business (meetings, travelling to / from office, etc.)?


1. How is the proportion on the focus between ICT solution vs infrastructure and other technology solution on mobility issue?

2. How is the plan and trend on the public transportation utilization in Netherland? Looking at its position compare to other country

3. How fast would the mobility trend change both from the user interest and technology development readiness?

4. How is the user awareness and concern so far (public and bussiness community)?