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== Group members ==
== Group members ==
Aarti Khoesial<br>
Aarti Khoesial
Ashwina Soekhoe<br>
Ashwina Soekhoe
Min Yin (Casey) Yap<br>
Min Yin (Casey) Yap
Sandhya Lalloesingh<br>
Sandhya Lalloesingh
Yue Zhang<br>
Yue Zhang

== Introduction ==
== Introduction ==

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Group members

Aarti Khoesial Ashwina Soekhoe Min Yin (Casey) Yap Sandhya Lalloesingh Yue Zhang


As first year ICT in Business students we have done this assignment for the course ICT Planning. This assignment was about choosing a topic and discribing it's future evolution. We choose to discribe the Future of Intellectual property, as this is a big issue with the upcoming Web 2.0.

Introducing Web 2.0

Web 2.0 ?


Web 2.0 is a Buzzword!


Web 2.0 is a State of Mind

State of mind.jpg

Research Questions

1.What is Intellectual Property?
2.The past and current situation of Intellectual Property.
3.What are the problems with the current Intellectual Property Rights?
4.In whose interest is the current system
5.What are the issues in Web 2.0 that is related to Intellectual Property?
6.How can the copy right problems in Web 2.0 be resolved by using intellectual property rights?


1.What is patent/licensing of intellectual property?
2.What is the current situation on patent and licensing of intellectual property?
3.Who sets the policy for intellectual property?
4.Does intellectual property patent differ in the world?
5.What is MAPP (Marketing and patent program)?
6.What kind of licenses are there?
7.What are the political debates/criticisms and news nowadays(future situation)?

1.Evolution of the Internet
2.What is Web 2.0?
3.What are the applications/softwares of Web 2.0?
4.What is the difference between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0?
5.What is the current view of IP in Web 2.0?
6.What are the possible approaches to deal with IP in Web 2.0?

1.What are Creative Commons and what is the aim of it?
2.Which licenses do Creative Commons offer?
3.How to use a Creative Common license?
4.Hot news about Creative Commons!
5.Can Creative Commons solve the emerging Intellecutal Property problem in the future Web 2.0?

Zhang Yue
1.What is Creative Commons?
2.What is the aim of Creative Commons?
3.Who will use Creative Commons?
4.The past vs current situation of Creative Commons.
5.What are the issues in Creative Commons that is related to IP?

Driving Forces