Five minute instruction on using the Scenario Thinking site

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Instructions are written for the default Skin setting ‘Cologne blue’, but most of it will apply to the other skins as well.

Signing in

We ask you to first sign in. For this you don’t have to submit any personal information at all. By signing in people can see who made a change. If you leave your e-mail address people can contact you about the changes you made to the site, without knowing your email address.
Signing in is compulsory if you want to make edits to Scenariothinking, but you don't have to use your own name if you sign in.
To sign in, go to ‘Create an account or log in’ under ‘My pages’.

Start editing

If you want to contribute to a page you can click on ‘edit this page’ at the bottom of the page or in the navigation bar. This will make it possible to edit the whole page.
You can also choose to click on one of the ‘edit’ links on the right. This makes it possible to edit only a section of the page.
After clicking one of those two options you will enter the editing page. Here you can change everything. You will see that there is a toolbar. If you want to use it, just highlight the text you want to use it on and click on an icon in the toolbar.

Writing text

These are basic functions you need to know for writing a text.

  • For the text to start on a new line: type <br> at the end. You don’t have to press return after this, but it will make it easier to see the structure of the text when you do.
  • For keeping a line white just add another <br>.
  • For italic text: type '' before and after the text you want to write in italics. Example: ''italic'' shows as: italic Example: '''bold''' shows as bold
  • For headlines: type = before and after the headline text. The more = you type (same amount before and after) the smaller the headline. A table of content is automatically made out of the headlines. Example: the headline of this section is typed as: ===Writing text===


To link to an external site put the URL in between [ ]. Leave one space after the URL and type the text that you want to show as a link. Always write down the whole URL, including http. Example:[ ScenarioThinking] will show as ScenarioThinking To link to another page in the Wiki just put the name of the page you want to link to in between [[ ]]. This function is capital sensitive. The name of the page will also show as link. If you want the link to show as a different text to the link, you can first put down the name of the site you want to link to, than type | and than the text you want to show.

Note: This wiki site has taken some anti-spam precautions, so some spammy links will be forbidden to include in the content of any page

Images & Media

To insert an image or media file, you first have to upload the file. To do this, go to Upload file under Special pages and follow the instructions.


To put the image on the page, type 'image:', image name, including the extension. For example: [[Image:photo.jpg]].


To put the sound on the page, type 'media:', followed by the name of the media, including the extension. For example: [[Media:conversation.ldl]]. The link will show as 'Media'. To give it another name just put | behind the name of the image and type the name you want the link to have. For example: [[Media:sound.ldl|conversation]]


Although it is technically possible to upload video content to a wiki, we ask you to host any video content you want to share in another place and link it to If that is not an option, please send the video content to the DTN and we will host it for you. You can also contact Jan first.

For Administrators

This is a special section on the help site for Scenariothinking administrators, though anyone is welcome to have a look.

For a general user guide go here.
For instructions on how to customize the interface look here.
For an overview of changes made and how to make them go to the Change Log.