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Here we write down how we got the more complicated tasks done, so we can do them again.

Changing the Navigation Bar

This document explains how to modify the WIKI's "navigation bar" in versio 1.4. The navigation bar is a very usefull element in WIKI to facilitate the navigation in WIKI.

1) Modify the Navigation bar variable:

There are several files that need to be changed in order to configue the bar. The first thing to change is the variable that contains the description of the navigation bar:

$wgNavigationLinks = array (
	array( 'text'=>'mainpage',	'href'=>'mainpage' ),
##	array( 'text'=>'portal',	'href'=>'portal-url' ),
##	array( 'text'=>'currentevents', 'href'=>'currentevents-url' ),
##	array( 'text'=>'recentchanges', 'href'=>'recentchanges-url' ),
##	array( 'text'=>'randompage',	'href'=>'randompage-url' ),
	array( 'text'=>'help', 		'href'=>'helppage' ),
	array( 'text'=>'sitesupport',	'href'=>'sitesupport-url' ),
	array( 'text'=>'drivingforces', 'href'=>'Driving Forces-url' ),
	array( 'text'=>'examplescenarios', 'href'=>'Example Scenarios-url' ),
	array( 'text'=>'dtn',	'href'=>'dtn-url' ),

This varible should be located in the LocalSettings.php from the WIKI (it is in the root). If this variable is not there, then copy it there from the includes/DefaultSettings.php.

The array allows the configuration of the navigation bar by adding or removing links. The links can be inside WIKI pages or outside.

Each line contains a link, and it is form by two words:

	array( 'text'=>'help', 		'href'=>'helppage' ), 

The first is the pointer of the text that is going to appear in the bar. The second is the pointer to the page (internal or external).

2) Modify the NameSpace:

One the variable is updated, the second step is to configure the NameSpace. These are the real names that are going to appear in the navigation bar. It is important to note that these names can appear in any language (Spanish, English, Catalan....) in WIKI. The name space are the translation from the pointer that we have set in the variable to the real languages.
The most esay thing is do it only in English. The english version file in located in /WIKI/languages/laguage.php. Open this file and include the content:

'Driving Forces-url'	=> 'Driving Forces',	## this correspond to the link, the name is internal wiki page
'drivingforces'	=> 'Driving Forces',		## this correspond to the name in the navigatio bar

It is possible to include an external link:

'dtn-url'	=> '',	## external link

save the file and place it again in /WIKI/languages.

Make login compulsory

By adding the following line to LocalSettings.php, it is possible to entirely disable anonymous edits:
  #Entirely disable Anonymous Edits
  $wgWhitelistEdit = true;

Blocking Users

To block a user go to 'Special pages'; 'block user'.
Another way is to block directly in your watchlist.

Allowing Media Uploads

To allow media uploads with different extensions from what is accepted by default, add the following line in Local Settings, with the required extensions.

$wgFileExtensions = array( 'png', 'gif', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'ogg', 'pdf', 'doc', 'ppt', 'mp3', 'm4a', 'mov');

Changing the site subtitle=

To change the site subtitle in the 'colon bleu' skin. Go to the server to: languages/languages.php and change text in the following line: 'sitesubtitle' => 'TEXT', # FIXME