Better Usage of Global Military Expenditure

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Global military expenditure annually = US$ 1.5 trillion

There are other pressing issues which are in despair needs of funds. The above amount can be used to solve problems such as poverty, education, health and access to fresh water.

Funding for basic education

Children out of school worldwide = 72 million

Providing these children with basic education= US$ 6 billion.

Required funding to provide basic education

US$ 6 billion / US$ 1,5 trillion

= 0,4% of military budget

Funding for basic health care

The fund required to give basic life saving service is US$ 35 – 50 per person per year.

Global military budget can cover

Fund required to provide world population with basic life saving services

6,8 billion * $ 50 = 340 billion

=22 % of military budget

Funding for poverty relief

18 million people die each year cause by poverty. And, 8 million people die each year due to hunger.

1 billion people live less than US$ 1 per day

Global military budget can provide

US$ 1,5 trillion/1 billion = US$ 1500 per person per year

US$ 1,500/365 = US$ 4 per day

Cost of solving water scarcity

1 billion people globally are lacking access to potable water.

5 million people are dying a year because of lack of safe drinking water and proper sanitation (1 person each 7 seconds). According to the Sphere standards there is a need of 15 liters of water per person per day.

The production cost of 1 liter of water is 0,0015 USD.

The most common and simple way to provide water is by drilling a borehole and installing a hand pump on top of the borehole. Depending on the yield of the borehole, one hand pump can serve around 500 people. The average cost of drilling a borehole and hand pump installation is 20.000 USD. To increase the reach of the borehole in the community a water distribution system can be installed on top of the borehole instead of installing a hand pump. Cost of a water distribution system is 50.000 USD.

Cost of supplying water to 1 billion of people

0,0015 USD*1000.000.000 people*15L=22.500.000 USD?day

= USD?ten years

Cost of installing hand pump incl. borehole drilling

Number of hand pumps required = 1 billion / 500 =2000000 hand pumps

2000.000hand pumps*20.000 EUR= USD

+ USD (Distribution systems)= USD

Total needed to supply safe water for 10 years to 1 billion people USD+ USD= USD

=15 % of military budget