Ageing population : Retirement

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Now when they approach their retirement, and some have already entered their golden years, they will need more special assistance and more special housing. For the politicians this new social expenditures may sound like nightmare, but for some businesspersons this may open bright new opportunities.


-. Relatively stable income ( they are afford to buy what they want )

-. They are caring about their good health.

-. Technological advances in medicine

-. Better living conditions in the Developing world


-. If the government’s wealth and working population are not enough, the pension would be reduced.

-. Extending the retirement age another 10 years so people will have to work more & retire later

-. Uncertain infectious disease could attack the weaker people (the elderly)


-. Before : Old generation is considered to be a respected, also take care about their children and saving the money for their family

-. Now : they want to keep their current life style and spend for their future and health



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