- Which is the receptivity of teachers and students concerning technology innovations and involvement of technology in the class?

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Teacher and Student receptivity varies, generally according to the ease of use they experience with Tablet technology. For many pilot programs, technical difficulties have plagued roll-out and day-to-day usage of tablet technologies, such as password and connectivity issues. As might be anticipated, students sometimes use the tablets for surfing the web or playing games (Berque et al, 2008; p. 151). However, students frequently appreciate Tablets, as they are already used to using computers at home (Berque et al, 2008; p. 140).

However, receptivity is also significantly impacted by more general changes in the learning environment that Tablets may bring. If the classroom environment is dramatically changed by the introduction of the technology, i.e. structured around peer to peer learning, or other non-traditional modes, instructors may experience a loss of power (less the center of proceedings and less able to gauge understanding and interest) (Tutty et al 2005; p3).

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