- PCs and laptops at schools. How have the penetration rates evolved through time?

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Computer technology has been used in education for roughly 1/2 century (Twining, 2002a). The role of ICT in education has increased over time, reflected in increasing levels of investment in 'educational' ICT on a global scale (Twining and Evans, 2005). In the US for example, as of 2005, nearly 100 percent of public schools had access to the Internet, compared with 35 percent in 1994. There have been virtually no differences in school access to the Internet by school characteristics since 1999 (NCES, 2006). European schools are similarly connected, having very rapidly increased over the past five years such that as of 2006, no European country was below 90% (Korte, 2007)

Public schools have made consistent progress in expanding Internet access in instructional rooms. In 2005, 94 percent of public school instructional rooms had Internet access, compared with 3 percent in 1994.


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